Eulyn Colette Hufkie

Costume Designer For Film and Television



My Grandmother, Margorie Brown, is a very talented seamstress and I often accredit my natural talent for costume design to her.   My school holiday job was working in her factory. Under the apartheid government, many women of colour were forced to sew for their families because they couldn't afford to purchase clothing or because they simply were not allowed into certain shops. 
So called coloured women still make up the majority of factory workers, who sew for a living.  I was discouraged from sewing and becoming a fashion designer.

Graduating from South Peninsula High in Cape Town in 1994, Eulyn went straight to the University of Cape Town to study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Envious of her fellow students who studied art and drama, she knew that she had to be honest and follow her real dream of being a designer. She was fortunate enough to assist and study with top South African designers, including Dicky Longhurst. 

Her business skills, talent and passion for characters and clothing were noticed by commercial producers who hired her to costume design for NESCAFE, M&M's,BBC WORLD, Polish LOTTERY, GERMAN CHILDREN'S MUSEUM to name a few.

After moving to the United States, she worked in various positions in the Costume Department. Eulyn now lives and works in the United States as a Costume Designer for feature films and television. She is most well known for her work on the acclaimed television series,  The  Walking Dead